about BLOOM

BLOOM is the company run by Ardine Verhoog. By defining unique qualities and by exploring personal values and interests, she enables people and teams to make clear choices and to develop effective strategies for further (personal and professional) development and actions.

Why I love my job

Ardine likes showing people how they can work busier and happier. Whether it’s preparing them for a career-defining job interview, providing teams with new priorities, businesses with a harmonious working culture, or a new direction for a new phase of life, her passion is showing people that they are capable and seeing them flourish. Clients working with Ardine know their priorities, gain confidence to speak out, and take on difficult tasks with more joy than before. In short, professionals become more capable at their jobs and stronger people. They Bloom.

Founding Bloom

With a fresh start in Berlin after time in Hong Kong, Ardine wanted to focus on the work she loves from all over the world. Founding Bloom allows her to work with businesses and individuals in the ways she’s most passionate about: Helping people find that what they need to succeed is already within them and showing professionals how to apply those skills in the office for a happier life.

International Clients

From Amsterdam, Paris, Hong Kong, and now Berlin, Ardine knows what it takes to rebuild in a new city. With her extensive international experience and unique, personal understanding of navigating cultures as an expat, Ardine can supplement your business savvy with cultural sensitivity, especially if you’re expanding your career or business into Asia. International clients working with Ardine get experienced insight that help them succeed beyond the borders of home.

Coaching, Assessment + Training Experience

At Bloom, Ardine coaches professionals who want to be successful, competent, and happy in their work, whether it’s their existing field or in a new direction. She also conducts assessments that provide participants understanding, self-awareness, and new skills through fun and practice. Bloom conducts training for new leaders and teams on time management, delegating, feedback, and communication, as well as stress and conflict management.

HR + Management Experience

Eight years in Human Resources and as a Human Resources Manager gives Ardine the know-how to have a quick understanding of what a client really needs. Her past roles have given her experience that she still applies today in her own business and shares with her clients.


  • MA in Organizational Psychology
  • Master of Business Administration
  • Certified practitioner of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) Step I and II
  • Level I of Executive Coaching Training from the Institute of Executive Coaching in Hong Kong, an ICF accredited training course
  • Coaching Ausbildung at Coaching Center Berlin (ICF Certified Education)