Making a change in your workplace can be time-consuming and costly. Ardine creates customised assessment centres that provide your business leaders with tools to help them confidently make decisions for new hires, promotion candidates, or even continued success as part of your business.


Is an assessment centre one of the last hurdles you need to take to get your dream job? Bloom can help take you from candidate to new recruit with assessment preparations. In a series of individualised sessions, Ardine will identify your best assets, what got you to this stage in the hiring process, and how to make your best skills stand out from the other qualified candidates.


Working with a team or individual, Bloom highlights the professional strengths and challenges of an individual, working attitude, as well as growth potential. The resulting reports can be used for self-improvement and reflection, or by businesses as a way to gain a better understanding of what motivates a whole team or an individual teammate for a busier, happier workplace.


Adding a candidate to a team can be a make-it or break-it moment for your business. Choose well and business is driven by competent, motivated workers. Choose poorly and you’ve made a costly, time-consuming error that sends your cultivated talent to the competition. Bloom’s assessment helps you to minimise your risk and maximise your chance of finding a qualified, competent, valuable fit.