Whether you want to steer your career, find a job you really like, or improve a specific skill, Ardine can build a personalised coaching regimen that fits your needs and objectives.


‘You can always learn new things and think new thoughts’

Did you just start as a team leader and want professional support? Do you want to develop specific interpersonal skills linked to your (new) role? Do you need to add to your time management, delegating, confidence, or conflict resolution tool kit?

Bloom works with professionals in corporate and personal settings to ensure they are ready, capable, and equipped to take on the challenges. Ardine customises each individual coaching sessions so that you will reach your goals.


‘What makes you tick?”

Would you like a job you really like and uses your talents? Do you want to determine the next chapter of your career?Do you find it hard to reach the goals you’ve set for yourself?Are you unhappy in your job and unsure how to change?

Working with Ardine can chart out a path to career fulfillment and put you on the way to an exciting and rewarding career.


‘The loneliness of an expatriate is of an odd and complicated kind, for it is inseparable from the feeling of being free, of having escaped – Adam Gopnik’

 Do you feel like you have a great life, but want to do something more meaningful? Are you looking to re-enter the workforce? Do you need help addressing challenges that stand before you?

Establishing yourself in a new city professionally is a challenge. Being an expat in Hong Kong and now Berlin, she knows finding a meaningful job that suits the situation can help you feel “at home”. Ardine helps you get up to speed.