Bloom works to support teams and individuals to provide them with the skills and strategies they need to live up to their full potential for success in and out of the office. By instilling professional confidence, people who work with Ardine gain the resources to get the best out of themselves and excel.

Leadership Building

Make sure you are up to the task:

Promotions are exciting, but can also create stress. A new position can change social structures, confuse roles, and cause tension, but it doesn’t have to. Ardine’s Bloom Leadership Building workshops inspire confidence and pinpoint where emerging leaders need to develop. Together, the transition from peer to manager can be made smoothly with all coworkers enjoying their new roles and dynamic.

MBTI Building

Identify unique talents to appreciate differences:

Using the Myers-Brigg Type Indicator test, Bloom can help businesses and individuals chart their strengths, challenges and weaknesses. By determining these individual personalities, Ardine can assess team structure, leadership requirements, as well as future potential within a business.

Conflict Management

Re-establish cohesion:

Discord in the office can be costly: It delays work that needs to be done, it drives away talent, and can create a toxicity that can be hard to cleanse from a company’s culture. Conversations that create win-win outcomes and how to properly compromise can be taught. With Bloom, individuals and businesses alike can learn tips, tricks, and strategies for better managing those tricky situations.

Time Management

How to get more done in less time:

Anyone can search the Internet for time management tricks and tips. At Bloom, using proven methods and strategies, Ardine determines what prevents people from effective time management at an individual level. Only when she’s determined the problem, can she prescribe a valid solution for a more efficient workplace.

Team Building

How to excel as a team:

Establishing the balance of teamwork can be tricky. With Bloom, teams come together with cohesion, cooperation, and personal bonds. Ardine empowers professionals to self-awareness, allowing them to discover their strengths, weaknesses, and challenges through carefully planned methods and exercises. The result is teams that make better decisions with effective strategies for future success.

Reach the core you

Use the core qualities of individuals and teams:

Doing a job that makes you feel good, confident, and capable is a wonderful experience. You feel like you’re part of the flow instead of swimming up stream. Ardine knows not everyone feels this way. Working with Bloom, you gain the tools to tap into those qualities and put you on the path to a happier and successful working life.

Feedback training

You’re not the villain:

Providing successful constructive feedback is a skill that few managers master and even fewer start with. By working with Bloom, employees can avoid the stress of “being the bad guy” with a strategy and roadmap that outlines methods of  managing the smooth roads, as well as the rough ones, for inspired leadership.